Online Business Management

Once upon a time the Internet meant communication between “those in the know” – Governments, Defence Forces and Universities.  Then along came the World Wide Web and everyone wanted to know.

We’ve been involved since 1995 when we developed one of the first websites online, a visitors guide to Australia’s Holiday Coast.  Well the holiday coast as it existed back then is no longer but we have moved with the times, broadening its scope to a website that now encompasses the entire continent. >> Australia’s Holiday Coast>>

However, way back then we were laughed at by many major holiday destinations and resorts who said that the Internet would never work. (?)  Existing advertising mediums were frightened by what they didn’t understand and they treated us with derision as well.  But how times change.  now you can’t afford not to be there.

It is however a dynamic medium so if you’re going to get involved then you have to jump in with both feet.  A dedicated staff member should be appointed to keep your business at the cutting edge.